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Balicasag Island Dive in Bohol

July 2, 2019

Ever since I started diving, I’ve always had my dives in Anilao. Diving in Balicasag Island was my first time to dive outside of Anilao. I flew all the way to Bohol to experience a new dive site, and I gotta say, the trip was definitely worth it.

I encountered not only the biggest sea turtles I’ve ever seen in my life, but I also swam inside a school of jacks that enveloped us. The marine life there is incredibly diverse, and the waters were especially calm making it an easy dive. We went to two dive sites, Black Forest and Diver’s Heaven.

For those who are interested on how I did it, I booked my dive months in advanced with Alona Divers as there’s only a limited number of divers a day that can visit the island. I just sent them a message on Facebook, and they responded very promptly. I had to make a small deposit to cover the reservation, and I just showed up on the day of my dive and paid the rest.

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